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Request new password

Step 1

Click on Request new password

Step 2

Enter your username
If you're in doubt about your username, try any of your email addresses.
If you're not sure which email address is registered for you, please contact your campus administration.

The system will send you an email with a link to recover your password and show this display:

Step 3

Please check your email account. You should have received an
email with the subject "SAE & Qantm Login Ticket".

Click the Link in the Email or copy/paste to your preferred browser.

Step 4

The system presents a form with two (!) Password fields.
Please enter your desired new password two times exactly the same.
If you're in doubt its a good trick to type the new password in Textedit,
then copy/paste to the form.

Step 5

The system shows "Your password was updated successfully." and the menu of the login centre.
You can now use your password to login here at and be forwarded to any
SAE or Qantm online service without an extra login for every site.


If you experience different behaviour than described above, please:

  • try at least two different browsers (e.g. Safari and Firefox)
  • try restarting your browser before you begin
  • make sure a password missmatch is not by misstyping, try copy/paste method as suggested above
  • before reporting do a final test, as we're constantly update the system to cover known issues
  • when your reporting, please provide your username (never your password) and describe where the procedure diverts from this description
  • Report to us by sending a ticket via SAE IT Help Desk, attaching screenshot(s) if available.

Thanx to all users who helped by reporting their issues.

SAE IT-Department - June 2018